How a Wife Can Turn an Angry Household into a Gentle One

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” (Proverbs 15:1)

With the current state of the world, husbands and wives, moms and dads, are all finding themselves spending a lot more time in the same household than they’re used to. Without the normal reprieves of work, school, or sports, etc., family members may be finding the good will toward one another running dry. The usual triggers and buttons that set off bickering and fighting are certainly being pushed now more than ever.

When is the last time you and your spouse threw verbal blows at each other? Or the last time you reacted in anger, showing little to no patience with your children? In those moments, was your first thought, “a soft answer turns away wrath?” If so, I commend you. It takes a lot of strength to do so, especially when you feel justified or wronged in anyway.

I, on the other hand, have had many unglued moments I’m not proud of.

One of the greatest crowns I’ll ever wear is the crown of a being a wife, and one day (God-willing), the crown of a mother. Because I hold this title so high, I was determined to gain wisdom over my emotions and feelings as I knew they were not helping my household in a positive way. As I unpacked this, I learned that I can still feel emotional and even sometimes out of control, but that doesn’t mean I have to act out of control.

I began seeking God on this subject because, although I am a woman and emotions are normal and at times valid, I didn’t want that to be my excuse to act in any way I pleased—in ways that weren’t pleasing to the Lord. The more I sought out Scripture, the more I began see a change in my heart, my reactions, and my entire household.

And it all started with gentleness.

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